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Holistic Vision Care

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Our optometrists specialize in providing holistic vision care for our patients.

What this means is that we take into consideration the whole person, including their hobbies, jobs and interests when prescribing glasses as well as treatments.

Traditional optometrists prescribe lenses to give patients 20/20 acuity but as we know, vision encompasses more than just that one value. We as holistic optometrists know that there are many other considerations to prescribing lenses then just the ability to read the smallest letters on the eye chart.

Some of these considerations are:

1 How does the prescription affect the tension of the body?

This includes the muscles of the eyes, head, neck, shoulders, and hips. Sometimes a slightly “weaker” prescription will allow the person to see just as well, but will keep their body from “over tightening”

2. How does the prescription affect your balance and ability to navigate through space?

3. How will the prescription impact affect how your prescription changes in the future?

Some nearsighted people like to see images smaller and darker and this increases their prescription over time. We also look at how stress and emotions affect your vision and will work with you to improve it.

We are one of the very few optometrists worldwide who work with Osteopaths and PRI (postural restoration institute) physical therapists to finely tune your prescription to increase comfort and efficiency in the brain and body.

When it comes to eye health, we evaluate with technology and work with you to determine the underlying cause of eye health issues and make recommendations to help you heal.

Because of the individualized care that we provide, we do not use any technicians to work up our patients and the doctor spends 45 minutes to an hour one on one with each patient.