At Niwot Vision we see patients of all ages! Whether it is your child getting their first eye exam, a student with a lot of close work demands, or in your forties and start having difficulty seeing up close, or if you are developing cataracts. We are here to take care of your vision and your eyes through for life!

There are many things that set us apart from other eye care practices. First, our doctors perform the entire examination ourselves, from the case history to the treatment plan. While we recognize the efficiency of having a technician, we realize that there are a lot of important nuanced information that is gathered when we do the entire examination ourselves. Secondly, we pride ourselves on getting to know our patients and asking questions to help us understand how our patients use their eyes. Lastly, we perform tests that many optometrists and ophthalmologists exclude in comprehensive eye exams that we have found to be very important at getting to the root cause of many vision issues.

We offer visual field examinations and retinal photography which may be needed depending on what issues we identify on the examination.