Readalyzer testing:

The Readalyzer is an infrared device which is used to evaluate reading eye movements. The individuals is given a paragraph to read silently, that is at or below their current reading level, while wearing goggles with infrared sensors. The microelectronics inside the goggles allow for accurate high-speed recordings of the exact position of the eyes and their movements during the reading of the passage; the data are captured to a computer and analyzed automatically. In-office administration of two trials and written report: $125.

Retinal Photos:

We now provide retinal photos for a charge of $80 for both eyes. These photos will be kept in your chart, and provide a good objective document of your optic nerve and retina. If we need to refer you to another health care professional, they can be sent electronically.

Visual Fields Testing:

Our office uses 3 types of visual field testing equipment, the Humphrey Frequency Doubling Tester, which does a quick screening in less than a minute per eye, and a more thorough test that is about 3 minutes per eye. We also have the standard Humphrey Field tester which produces the a fuller evaluation of the periphery (30-2), often needed to document deficits for lid issues, glaucoma and other visual field deficits.