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Dr. Chang is awesome! She explains everything thoroughly. The entire staff is kind and helpful. The best in complete eye care!
1 month ago
- Catherine L.
So far so good. Dr Chang was very thorough trying to pinpoint the problem to my headaches. My glasses seem to be the problem. I like that she did not ask me to have another appointment unless the problem persists after the new glasses. I get my new glasses in two weeks, and hopefully they will be correct. I liked the glasses they offer, modern 🤗
2 months ago
- Maria G.
Dr Chang and her team of vision therapists have helped our 11 year old through challenging vision issues. After seeing 3 other optometrists who did not discover her issues I cannot say enough how professional and gifted Dr. Chang is in her field. Our daughter is doing vision therapy with Stefanie over zoom and her overall vision has improved so much leading to elevated executive function and overall health and wellness. More confidence, passionate learning, better energy and endurance are a few of the results. Stefanie has changed how she is functioning in the world. This team is without a doubt incredibly professional, gifted, and committed to their patients. We are grateful and lucky to have found them. Keep up the amazing work! Niwot Vision!
2 months ago
- Haylie Z.
Excellent eye care!!! Dr. Chang is the best doctor ever. I highly recommend her.
2 months ago
- lucia w.
You will receive excellent excellent care here. Don't go anywhere else!
2 months ago
- Becky M.
I wish vision therapy had been available when I was a kid, but even in my 7th decade it has benefitted me enormously. I just finished a year of weekly sessions with Stefanie Ohrns at Niwot Eyecare – she’s excellent! Indeed, Stef received vision therapy’s highest international award presented in Montreal this past April 2023 after being voted Vision Therapist of The Year. Smart, experienced, professional, friendly, kind, quick with humor, and remarkably patient, Stef is also quick to read people and understand what they’re experiencing in the moment. Without fail, she knew how much to push me and when to step back, and always kept track exactly where I was in an exercise no matter how mundane or intensive or long it was. Each exercise and session were tailored to me and what I needed in the moment; so even in the middle of intensive exercises, if I had questions, Stef took time to carefully listen and explain. She loves what she’s doing and is genuinely fascinated by how different individuals’ vision (eye-brain) systems work for them. I’m in my 70s, healthy and active but have had mild strabismus-related double-vision since childhood that became more pronounced a decade ago. A year ago, I first saw Dr. Amy Chang (she's excellent and I highly recommend her) who solved the eyeglass problem by adding prism. The immediate improvement made me more curious about what else I could do to benefit how I see, think, and relate to the world. Now a year later, my vision system works noticeably better. I’ve learned to see and observe more, but other things have improved too: memory, eye/body coordination, concentration, and problem-solving. Niwot Eyecare is small, privately owned (not corporate) and includes several optometrists, vision therapists, and an optician. Everyone there is highly capable and helpful. (It's got the best frames in Boulder County.) It’s NOT the typical optometry experience, however, because Niwot Eyecare's focus is on helping you use your eyeballs and brain more effectively, not just hand you a new RX and pair of glasses...although they can do that too if that's all you want. The level of expertise and ability to work with each individual client is really quite unique and impressive. Their location is easily accessible, on ground floor with plenty of nearby free parking.
2 months ago
- Connie C.
Dr Chang is so thorough, helpful and friendly. Takes care of my custom needs and calms my nerves when nervous about my vision. I am so grateful she is in the area as she is top notch! Staff is friendly and helpful as well. 5 stars!
2 months ago
- Wendy P.