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They are the best!!
2 days ago
- Randy C.
I have been seeing Dr Hutchins for a long time. The vision therapy she did with me was life changing. She also does a great job making sure my contacts and glasses stay current with my vision. I've been getting glasses from Leslie in the optical department for a long time as well. Top notch glasses and service.
2 weeks ago
- Tim C.
We have been seeing Stephanie at Niwot Eyecare & Vision therapy for just about four years. She has an extreme amount of experience and knowledge that was life-changing for my son. Due to a brain injury that my son suffered over six years ago, and literally could not see hardly enough to walk, Stephanie has him now being able to see his cell phone and play some computer games. Not even knowing about vision therapy, but hearing from it from another medical source, Stephanie was referred to us. She has gone above and beyond the moon for us and I highly recommend this Vision Center especially for Therapy.
3 weeks ago
- Ginny M.
I thought optometry shops were interchangeable, but boy was I wrong! Niwot Eyecare really stands out. They go much deeper than Target (or whatnot) and recommend fixes, from lenses to ophthalmology. There's no pressure to use glasses that they sell - I take my Rx's to Zenni. Here's the rub: I made a data entry error at Zenni, and ended up with a bad pair of glasses. Had I used Niwot Vision, the Rx would have been correct and the materials better. Zenni and discounters like Warby don't carry materials with high index and Abbe scale metrics. Live and Learn! There's a big difference in eyeglass providers - and Niwot Vision is worth it.
1 month ago
- Robert H.
Dr. Chang is absolutely incredible, and so is the entire staff! If you’re in need of glasses, Leslie has mastered the art of fitting you perfectly with the most stylish frames! Niwot Vision Center has you covered!
2 months ago
- Jackie J.
If you’re looking for a review, you’re here already. Don’t bother looking elsewhere. You are treated like a person here by very fine eye docs. Great set-up, small business just for you. This is where you will get all the answers you need. So just stop looking. 🤓 My family has been coming here off (moved away for a while) and on for a long time — excellent quality, problem solving, and personal service.
2 months ago
- Sharleen B.
Nice, friendly people
2 months ago
- les e.